Wellington Graduation Photos

Are you graduating soon and want to take the opportunity to get some photos of you dressed like a wizard out of Hogwarts with your family? Let us know what time suits you best on your graduation day. Grab a couple of yourself look very suave in your cloak, and a few of your family – what ever you need Brady Dyer has you covered.

You will receive 20-30 minutes for photos, you will then receive full resolution copies of all the photos as well as one 6″ x 9″ photo print. All this for just $250! Additional prints can be purchased after as well if you want to order anymore.

How to book

Simply email me@bradydyer.com with the day and time that suits you, and a location that is going to suit the rest of your plans for the day. If email isn’t your thing, pick up the phone and call/txt me on 0212468888