Brady Dyer Photography is a team of Wellington based photographers. Brady Dyer is an inspiring photographer out to accomplish any challenge set before him & his team. His work has been recognised and published in both New Zealand national newspapers, as well as various international magazines & online publications.

Brady Dyer Photography prides itself on being a versatile company, always up for a new challenge, using the latest and greatest technology to make sure the best possible job is done every single time. Having this approach means that every single job is different and needs to be thought about creatively.



Meet Brady

Meet Brady Dyer, the mastermind behind Brady Dyer Photography. Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Brady and his team of photographers are a force to be reckoned with. With a passion for capturing the world through a lens, Brady is always up for a challenge, pushing the limits of photography to new heights.

Recognized both nationally and internationally, Brady’s work has graced the pages of national newspapers and magazines, as well as online publications. His unique approach to photography and use of the latest technology is what sets him apart and has earned him a reputation as a versatile and creative photographer.

Brady’s love for photography started while he was still in college, where he founded his photography company. He went on to earn a Bachelor of Commerce degree while continuing to grow his business. With a thirst for knowledge and a passion for staying up-to-date with the latest technology, Brady and his team never fail to impress.

From 360° virtual reality shots to flying drones, Brady is always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. One such example of his ingenuity is a 360° virtual reality selfie taken off the Eiffel Tower that ended up on the front page of Reddit and was shared on hundreds of news outlets around the world.

But Brady is not just a photographer, he’s a family man, a city councillor, and a travel enthusiast. With his daughter (Scarlett exploring Paris) and loving wife, Brady turns his work trips into adventures for his growing YouTube channel, which currently boasts over 4 million views.

With a passion for photography, a creative mind, and a love for adventure, Brady Dyer and his team at Brady Dyer Photography are the perfect choice for capturing those special moments.


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