Virtual Reality (VR) is here to stay, and one of the most exciting digital mediums to surge into mainstream usage in the last year. While VR isn’t exactly a new thing, it has become far more popular in the last 12 months as every day users now hold the equipment required to experience & consume the media – from smartphones to Playstation VR, the technology has finally caught up!

Brady has been creating VR content since 2011 when Kogeto sent him a pre-production model of the Kogeto Dot – the world’s first smartphone attachment that unlocked 360-degree capabilities. His footage was used extensivly by Kogeto in the launch of the product. Since then Brady has invested heavily in new equipment as it has dramatically increased. Brady has worked with some of the top manufactures, testing beta-models of their VR cameras & providing feedback before public launch.

When it comes to any new media, one of the most important factors is having someone with a wealth of knowledge and experience to create an immersive experience.

From live-streaming events in 360, having a single image viewed & shared over 2 million times, or taking viewers on a journey behind-the-scenes through Auckland International Airport – Brady has worked with a range of New Zealand’s top companies to create VR content and is excited about what the future may hold.

If you want to grab a coffee & talk over some concept ideas, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.