Orchestra Wellington performs “ODES TO JOY” Beethoven Symphony No 9 in 360° VR

Orchestra Wellington approached us a few weeks ago to record a section of their upcoming “Odes to Joy” performance at the Michael Fowler Centre in 360° Virtual Reality with audio from RNZ Concert! We placed the camera among the musicians, you can look around at them, the choir, conductor and audience as you listen to a beautiful performance of a epic and much loved piece of music.

The embedded YouTube video might not work on mobile devices, so you might need to open it in the YouTube app directly.

We’ve saved you a seat… among the orchestra!

How to enjoy this video: If you’re watching on your phone tilt it, or move your finger or mouse pointer around the screen to explore, while enjoying RNZ Concert’s award winning sound.
Best viewed on mobile phone, best heard through external (bluetooth) speakers.

This progressive and innovative audience experience from  Orchestra Wellington – putting the audience in the middle of the orchestra – is a New Zealand first, and one of the first times world-wide that this virtual reality/360 degree tech has been used in this way.

Performers: Orchestra Wellington, Orpheus Choir of Wellington.
Video: Brady Dyer, Sound: Darryl Stack for RNZ Music.