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Let me capture your house or commercial property in the best way possible. If you’ve decided to sell privately, or just want to stand above the rest of the properties up for sale, let me put my creative flare into ensuring you have the best marketing tools to advertise your property.

Photographs are the single most important marketing tool when it comes to advertising your business. If the property looks at it’s best in photos, more people are going to contact you to have a look around. Ultimately this means you will find a suitable buyer sooner and in the end get more money for your property.

Video is also a great way to showcase the things that photographs can’t show. Walking around a house with my state-of-the-art video camera that records a full 360 degrees in real-time allows your potential buyers to walk through the house themselves, dragging the camera to look where ever they want as they walk through. This is a great way to get them familiar with the layout, and the interactive aspect of them controlling where the camera is looking in real time leaves them gagging to have a look around in person.



    20 photos of house (1 hour shoot & 2 hours editing) – $420

    40 photos of house (2 hour shoot split over 2 sessions & 3 hours editing) – $588

    Aerial photos with remote control drone – $250 extra ($425 by itself)

    Additional hour shooting or editing – $225/hour (including travel time if another session. Min charge 15mins)

    As well as taking the photos & video, I can also design flyers, posters, or lawn signs as well as arranging them to be printed for you. So please get in touch or call me on 0800 246 888.

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