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Every so often events happen in your life that you wish you could capture.  Why not invite Brady along to capture your event for you, so that you can relive it for years to come.  Brady’s leading camera equipment allows him to not only capture your event in still photographs, but broadcast quality videos also.  This means you can get the perfect mixture of both video & photos from your event without having to hire multiple people.

From capturing stills of your guests through to producing a video of the highlights – all will be captured, exactly how you want it.

Since 2005 Brady has captured 100’s of events around the country, and knows how to capture your event in the most professional manner.

Anything from milestone birthdays to family reunions, music festivals to small concerts, or xmas parties to corporate evenings – let Brady put his creative flare into covering your event!


Let brady put his creative flare into covering your event. You wont even know he was there till you’re looking back through the great photos wondering how he managed to get around so many people. Photography ninja skills maybe?


Video is a great way to capture any event. From a highlights reel showcasing the event, to getting event guests to say a short message to the special birthday girl. Let Brady capture your event with video so you can relive it for years to come.

Photo + Video

Capturing the important photos, such as your guests, the room, things going on & then creating a video of things such as speeches, awards, performances – and other things which look so much better on video. Brady will work with you to decide what parts of unique event should be photographed or videoed.


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