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With Brady’s creative nature, it was only a matter of time before video production was added to his arsenal of media presenting tools. Brady has produced, filmed & edited over 50 videos for Wellington businesses and events. Looking to live stream your event? Check out my live-streaming video page.


This is one of the most important stages of a video production however big or small. Setting some key goals of a video is critical to it’s success at delivering a message or capturing a moment. Even if your overall goal is just to “make our business look awesome”, it’s still important to set these initial guidelines so we can develop a plan for the shoot day to ensure everything runs smoothly, nothing important is missed out, and most importantly you get a good idea of what will be delivered.

We use a very easy online management tool to discuss and plan our video productions, allowing our client to keep all the information regarding the video production in one place, and easily provide feedback and answers to important questions.


Our video equipment records in high resolution (1080P) broadcast-quality video. While your video may not always be viewed in full HD, we think it is still important to capture the footage at this high resolution, should your requirements change in the future and the videos use expands.

We have a range of tools and equipment which all serve a special purpose, from under-water cameras to remote controlled helicopter drones. Depending on the nature of your video, we will use the best tools to deliver the best results.


We live in a digital world, and video production is no different. Our editing suite is fully digital allowing us to quickly & easily edit and make changes before delivery of the video. Once signed off we can deliver your video in a range of formats and sizes. The most common is uploading directly to a clients YouTube channel, or creating a Authored-DVD allowing easy playback on a standard DVD player hooked up to a TV.

What ever your end result is for the video, we ensure your video is easily accessible wherever your audience may be.

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