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I love taking photos of people. Whether it’s a wedding, private function, or a portrait – I really enjoy being a portrait photographer. Having the challenge of making someone you don’t know smile and comfortable in front of the camera makes it even more fun. People often comment how relaxed and easy I make my portrait photography sessions.

The idea is, if you feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera, you’ll love your photos just that little bit more. I have a photo studio at 386 Jackson Street in Petone, but I also love shooting on location. Petone Waterfront is one of my favourite places to shoot. In such a small area you’ve got bush, paths, long grass, beach, water, the pier, and a view across the harbour to Wellington City.

Wellington Portrait Pricing


Come in and get comfortable. I will shoot various angles and combinations with both a white and black backdrop. While the photos are being taken they are streamed straight to my computer where we can view the photos afterwards.

Sessions are $150.


Don’t want studio shots? That’s fine. I can come to a location and shoot a bunch of different areas and combinations. We’ll then arrange a time to get you in to review your photos and place your order.

Real Setting Sessions are $200.


We’ll meet at a location and shoot a bunch of different areas and combinations. Then back to the studio in Petone for another bunch of studio shots. We will then sit down and review the photos.

Studio & Real Setting Sessions are $325.

Extra travel costs may apply over 25kms from Petone.

Photo Print Pricing

After your photo shoot, we will get you into our studio in Petone to review and order your prints. 20% discount is offered at your review sessions, and extra prints will be available for 12 months afterwards.


6×8    $70.00

8×10    $74.00

8×12    $77.00

10×13    $82.00

11×14    $85.00

12×16    $90.00

12×18    $93.00

16×20    $105.00

16×24    $112.00

600×800    $155.00

A4    $77.00

A3    $89.00

A2    $116.00

A1    $156.00

A0    $245.00

These prices all include GST & freight anywhere in NZ


Face Size (inches)    Your Price

5 x 7.5    $10

6 x 9    $20

8 x 12    $30

10 x 15    $40

12 x 18    $60

Please note these prices include GST but do not include postage of $4 per order.

Digital Copies

High-resolution un-watermarked images (suitable for print) $200.

Up to 20 fully edited photoshopped images (backgrounds & any imperfections fixed). You’ll also get a copy of every photo taken at the shoot.


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