In late 2016, I got a very exciting email from a client wanting to create 4 behind-the-scene experiences through some of New Zealand’s top industries. The second I read over the brief I knew then that this job would end up becoming one of my most favourite jobs to work on!

The brief was relatively simple, educate young people about the various job opportunities within an industry by taking them behind-the-scenes in a virtual-reality experience.

The project was certainly challenging from all aspects. We were doing something that hadn’t been done before. We were strapping a 360-degree camera (which is actually 6 cameras) to a suitcase and sending it off on a journey through Auckland airport. We were directing & recording audio while hiding behind cars & in bushes (as the 360-camera records EVERYTHING, we couldn’t be in the shot). We mounted a camera rig to a jet boat as it raced down the Huka River!

About the experiences

ServiceIQ’s new 360 experience apps take you on a fantastic virtual tour of discovery exploring some of the most exciting careers around the service sectors. Aviation, hospitality, retail and tourism. You’ll meet heaps of inspiring people who are getting great careers together by training on the job. Plus you’re in for a visually stunning experience. Enjoy the view when you touch-down at the airport, tour a restaurant, visit a store or walk to the edge of a cliff for a thrilling look over adventure tourism.

Download the FREE apps now!

Head to and choose your mobile type (iOS or Android) and choose one of the 4 experiences. I’d love to hear your feedback on which one you liked the best. My personal favourite is the aviation one, followed closely by the tourism one!