Brooke & Simon’s Wedding – Wallaceville House

There comes a time in every photographers career that you must say ‘no’ to a job. I recently was put in this position, not because I didn’t want to be a photographer for them, but that I couldn’t. You see my little sister (well one of three little sisters) recently got married at Wallaceville House. I was sitting on the fence for sometime deciding whether I wanted the honour of capturing their big day. In the end I knew it was better I take the role as ‘big brother’, so left it in the capable hands of my good friends and fellow wedding photographer Duncan Rourke.

Having said that, I still couldn’t help put bring the camera out. I snapped photos of the groomsmen getting ready, traveling to the church, and a few during the evening after Duncan had hung up his hat for the day.

Please enjoy a handful of my fav piccies below of my little sis and her new husband Simon on their special day.