The EFV8 (Early Ford V8) Nationals were recently held in Lower Hutt, New Zealand from January 8th to 13th, 2023. This event, which occurs every three years, brings together Ford enthusiasts from all over the country to showcase their prized early Ford V8 vehicles.

As a photographer at the event, I had the opportunity to capture the beauty and unique characteristics of each car on display.The variety of vehicle years and attention to detail of the vehicles was truly impressive.

Attendees of the EFV8 Nationals can view and purchase digital copies or physical prints of the photos taken at the event on my website here. Whether you were a participant or spectator, the photos serve as a great way to remember the event and the amazing vehicles that were on display and will be available to purchase for one month.

The morning of the EFV8 Nationals kicked off with a meet-up at Ewan Park for a group photo of all the participants and their vehicles. This provided a great opportunity for everyone to gather together and admire the variety of early Ford V8s on display. After the group photo, the vehicles made their way to Dowse Square where they were parked up for members of the public to check out and admire. This was a great opportunity for the public to see these beautiful vehicles up close and learn more about their history and restoration.

After that, the vehicles headed to the former Ford Factory in Seaview where many of these vehicles would have been assembled back in the day. This was a special moment for the participants as they got to see where their prized vehicles were born.

Overall, the EFV8 Nationals was a successful event that brought together Ford enthusiasts to celebrate the early Ford V8. The cars on display were truly a sight to behold and I was honored to be able to capture them through my lens. If you are a Ford enthusiast and missed out on this year’s event, be sure to mark your calendar for the next EFV8 Nationals in 2026.

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