Jake and Jennifer’s wedding at The Pines was a standout event, full of moments that were just begging to be captured. As a Wellington-based photographer, I’ve seen my share of venues, but The Pines continues to be a favourite. Its mix of natural scenery and well-designed interiors provide plenty of opportunities for great shots, especially when the Wellington weather doesn’t play its part.

The day kicked off with Jennifer getting ready; her attention to detail was evident in everything, from her gown to her accessories. Jake, on the other hand, kept things cool and classic with a well-tailored suit and an awesome ride! Both looked the part, and it was clear they were ready for this significant chapter in their lives.

I managed to catch some candid moments between the couple that genuinely reflect their connection. Whether it was the look they exchanged when they first saw each other at the aisle or the laughs shared during the reception, each moment contributed to a series of photographs that I believe encapsulate the day’s atmosphere.

For anyone who’s in the midst of planning a Wellington wedding, let Jake and Jennifer’s day serve as a good example. Great venue, a well-coordinated couple, and a day full of genuine emotion. It doesn’t get much better than that.