New Website Launched

Well it’s been a long time coming, but my new website is finally live! It’s hard to believe I started this “little project” over 6 months ago. It’s not because I’ve been slack that it’s taken so long, I am just a perfectionist when it comes to my own work, and on top of that I have had to learn how WordPress works, as my previous site had been built using Silverstripe. Along with working on my own website, I’ve been building websites for lots of other people for my parent company Duplico Media. It’s always hard to have to turn away or stop paid work in favour of my own site – but it’s finally done after many late nights!

So what’s different? Well for one it’s now HEAPS easier to update anything on here. My old site was an old dog to update, and was very time consuming to get any updates out – now it’s too easy.

Along with the fresh new layout, I’ve now crammed my portfolio full of photos taken over the last year. I’ve dropped the glamour portfolio in favour of a new fashion portfolio – and in the coming months will be doing a lot more high-end fashion shoots to get this side of my portfolio looking as good as the rest.

I have recently resigned from my duties as the head photographer for SnapStar so that I can focus on my own photography more, and spend more time building my own brand – with a lot of effort and focus into the Wedding market as this is where I really enjoy my work. Have a look at my wedding portfolio which is now looking very healthy! Seeing the glow on a couples face when you sit them down with an amazing platter & drinks to look at their wedding photos for the first time is just amazing! (Yup all that is included in my wedding photography packages)

Anyway that is all for now, just wanted to get a quick update about the new website, and I’d love to hear some feedback on what you think.