Capturing Tākina: Wellington’s Newest Conference Event Venue

In the heart of Wellington, Tākina stands as a testament to innovation and excellence. Join me on a journey as we explore why this venue has become the city’s go-to for events and conferences, and how, as a photographer, I’ve been privileged to witness its evolution from construction to hosting vibrant gatherings.

Tākina – The Jewel of Wellington’s Events Scene

Discover what makes Tākina the unrivaled choice for events and conferences in Wellington: Strategic Location:… Read more »

Capture Your Best Angle: The Ultimate Guide to Headshots Photography

Are you ready to showcase your true potential through stunning headshots? In a world where first impressions matter, a captivating headshot can be the key to unlocking countless opportunities. Whether you’re an aspiring actor, a business professional, or a creative entrepreneur, mastering the art of headshot photography is essential in today’s digital age. But where do you start? Look no further. In this ultimate guide, we will take you on a journey to capture your… Read more »

What do you need for a good livestream event?

There are several things that make or break a great broadcast of a live event. In this day and age of COVID, and restrictions on travel and attendance of large events, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to consider live-streaming your event. To make sure things run as smooth as possible here’s what you’ll need: Good internet connection – Ideally a hard wired connection direct into an internet connection at the venue. If this isn’t possible,… Read more »

Open Polytechnic Graduation Photos

Professional graduation portraits and ceremony coverage. Brady Dyer will be photographing during the ceremony and, if you wish, we will be available to photograph you and/or your family in our on-site studio before or after your ceremony. Please note: Due to lighting and time restrictions we will not be able to guarantee ‘on stage’ photos. Our on-site studios will be running before and after the graduation ceremony. They are the best way to capture this… Read more »

Getting married? Book Brady for your wedding photography!

Your wedding is one of the most exciting and special days of your life. I understand just how important making the perfect set of wedding photos is. You’ve shared your engagement with your friends and family, the Instagram likes are rolling in, and it’s time to start planning the wedding. This is something you never want to forget and it’s my job to make sure your photos capture those memories beautifully. After months of exciting… Read more »

Wellington Graduation Photos

Are you graduating soon and want to take the opportunity to get some photos of you dressed like a wizard out of Hogwarts with your family? Let us know what time suits you best on your graduation day. Grab a couple of yourself look very suave in your cloak, and a few of your family – what ever you need Brady Dyer has you covered. You will receive 20-30 minutes for photos, you will then… Read more »

17 Award-Winning Wedding Photos From 2017 That’ll Leave You Speechless

Every year, the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers rounds up the most breathtaking wedding pictures its seen over the past 12 months.

ISPWP holds four photo competitions over the course of each year and chooses winners for 20 different categories each time, from “Wedding Details” to “Humour,” resulting in 80 first-place winners. The society just released the full list of first-place winners from 2017, and they’re completely gorgeous. Some… Read more »

In-Flight Entertainment – Evolving Along With Technology

Where Will In-Flight Entertainment Take You?

It’s a bit of a cliché, but the world really is developing and changing in every way thanks to technology. Even the irritation of long-haul flights is getting dealt with; a lot of airlines are using tech-driven alternatives to the old-style small movie screens that had low resolution and the clunky headsets that had poor sound quality.

These days, the visuals you can experience on your… Read more »

Tips to Do & Dont Do for Clothing in Headshot Photos

When it comes time to decide what to wear for your headshot photo one of the biggest questions I get asked is “what should I wear?”. The question should really be what shouldn’t you wear.

DO These Things

Wear something you feel comfortable in Guys wear a shirt and tie with a dark suit. Solid color shirt or blouses without stripes For men, a bold colourful tie or a distinct pattern can look good For women, a… Read more »

Best Drone To Buy?

One of the top questions I get asked at the moment is what drone is the best to buy? and where should you buy it? To be honest the answer is easy, because there is only one brand that has been around since day one, continually developing new products, and lifting the bar every few months – DJI! In some ways it’s bad, trying to keep up with the latest and greatest, but in… Read more »