Wellington Graduation Photos

Are you graduating soon and want to take the opportunity to get some photos of you dressed like a wizard out of Hogwarts with your family? Let us know what time suits you best on your graduation day. Grab a couple of yourself look very suave in your cloak, and a few of your family – what ever you need Brady Dyer has you covered. You will receive 20-30 minutes for photos, you will then… Read more »

Shapeshifter’s Wellington Concert – Delta Tour

On Saturday night I headed along to Shapeshifter’s concert in Wellington. They busted out a heap of older stuff, and just as many songs from their newly released album, Delta. Was an awesome concert! Seen them six times now, and could almost say this was the best yet! Our seats were awesome (pro’s of getting in early with tickets), front & centre at the Wellington Town Hall. My favourite songs of the night had to… Read more »

$1000 Giveaway & Monthly Update

Wow. Hasn’t 2011 flown by? We’re heading into June next week, and then it’s pretty much the downhill slope of the year! This blog is just a quick update about a few things happening in my world at the moment.

$1000 Wedding Giveaway

We decided to be generous, and just casually give away $1000… Why? Why not! It’s very easy to win, all you have to do is send in a photo of you… Read more »

SnapStar Blog

So it’s been an interesting week for me.  For one I was out of the city for a few days getting a bit or R&R in Napier while I had a wedding up there I was shooting. Napier never fails to put on the weather, and was great to actually get a few days of amazing weather this summer. Don’t get me wrong – I love this city – but we’ve had a shocking summer!… Read more »

It’s not you, It’s me

Wow. It has been awhile since I’ve updated my old blog hasn’t it! Really have neglected you haven’t I? I’m sorry 🙁 It’s not you, It’s me.  Truth is I have been so busy of late that first chance I’ve had to update this is when I’m bedridden with a severe case of the manflu. Until recently I have had my reservations for shooting for Wellington’s online entertainment magazine, SnapStar. However after several meetings with them, have… Read more »

Super Club ’09, St Orans School Ball, and Lauren’s 21st

Wooosh! What a huge weekend! But before I tell you how the previous week has been, let me tell you about the epic SnowTrain trip to Ohakune! It’s happening on the 4th-6th September. It includes a train ride form Wellington (or Auckland) to Ohakune, two nights accomodation, one-day mountain pass, and a huge party on the train & on Saturday night in Ohakune. Tickets are selling fast and all the info can be found on… Read more »

Back to the future-istic weekend!

It’s not very often I use my corner of the world wide web to talk about personal stuff. So thought I’d mix it up a bit and personally thank Floyd Morgan and the team for putting on an AMAZING Illuminate Paint Party in Wellington over the weekend. Big ups for hooking me up with a ticket too! So glad I didn’t miss out! 1,500 people packed the giant warehouse on Wellington’s waterfront dressed from… Read more »