Surprise Trip to England with My 1yr Old Daughter – Best Trip of My Life!

I’ve travelled a lot, this was my 9th trip to the U.K. – but this trip was extra special for a few huge reasons: Scarlett’s (my 1yr old daughter) first time on a BIG plane My Grandma’s 80th birthday Scarlett meeting her great-grandparents on my side My Grandma meeting one of her great-grandchildren for the first time (her other two, my sisters children, also live in NZ) First big adventure together with just me and… Read more »

New Studio Officially Opened

The opening of something new isn’t official till you’ve had an opening party! So three weeks after we moved into our new studio at 380 Jackson Street, Petone – we decided to bust out the cheese & pineapple and get the bubbles pouring. Thanks to the friends, clients and family that popped in to share a drink or four. Here’s a few photos of the new studio, and a few from the opening night -… Read more »

New Website Launched!

After opening my new photography studio last week, it seemed the next thing to do was relaunch my website. It was a tricky decision to make as I regularly get comments from clients about how great my old website was. But there were two main things that forced me to switch it up. The first was that my old website wasn’t the nicest on mobile devices. I know I could have developed a mobile only… Read more »