Free Tesla Model 3 Background

I recently visited Mt Cook (New Zealand’s tallest mountain) via Helicopter (checkout more of the photos on my Facebook page). When Tesla released this high-resolution render of the new Tesla Model 3, I thought oooooh wouldn’t it be cool to create a background for my computer! After searching through some recent photos, this one taken on the top of Fox Glacier near the summit of Mt Cook suited perfectly! Click the image below to… Read more »

Wellington’s Most Scenic Locations

Brady Dyer is a photographer who is fascinated with people. In addition to his commercial and corporate work, his favourite subjects are weddings, as they give him the opportunity to capture the emotions and interactions between people celebrating their special day. Hailing from Wellington, he lives in an ideal place to capture a wide variety of weddings, as this vibrant area is one of New Zealand’s most popular wedding destinations.

There are no… Read more »

The Coolest Place In New Zealand That You Didn’t Know About

I was recently browsing through Andrew J. Steel’s Instagram. He’s an amazing kiwi artist! One day I’ll have him do a wall in the studio (when it’s complete!) similar to this – but with cameras! He said he had visited a place called Gibbs Farm. I had to look this place up. WOAH! How have I never heard about this place?? Located about 60 km north of Auckland lies a massive property… Read more »

Surprise Trip to England with My 1yr Old Daughter – Best Trip of My Life!

I’ve travelled a lot, this was my 9th trip to the U.K. – but this trip was extra special for a few huge reasons: Scarlett’s (my 1yr old daughter) first time on a BIG plane My Grandma’s 80th birthday Scarlett meeting her great-grandparents on my side My Grandma meeting one of her great-grandchildren for the first time (her other two, my sisters children, also live in NZ) First big adventure together with just me and… Read more »

Places you absolutely must visit in New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country. However most kiwis would rather get on a plane and explore other parts of the world, rather than taking the time to explore our own backyard! Evident by the fact that I haven’t visited any of these places below (except for the photos that are my own, obviously haha!) Now that Scarlett is starting to get old enough I’ve decided we need to start exploring NZ more!   Fiordland -… Read more »

Two day trips to Christchurch in one week!

Last week I flew to Christchurch for the day, twice. The first has been planned for a few months. I’m always keep my eye on AirNZ’s GrabASeat website for cheap flights. The idea of exploring another part of the country on the cheap is exciting! I managed to secure flights for me, Scarlett (my 15mo daughter) and my mother for just $32 return! I made this short video capturing that trip, check it… Read more »