MyDestination & Brady’s Biggest Baddest Bucket List Competition

It’s not very often I’ll enter competitions online. For one, time is very scarce, and the chances of winning are always so slim. But something jumped out at me when I heard that MyDestination was running a round-the-world travel competition, The Biggest Baddest Bucket List. I guess having a name beginning with “B” maybe drew me in at first, “Brady’s Biggest Baddest Bucket List” sure has a nice ring to it (Although took me 10 takes… Read more »

Traveling Costs for a Photographer

Traveling and photography goes hand in hand. While it would be lovely if you didn’t have to ever leave the studio to take photos, that is very rarely the case. There are several costs I pass on to my clients with regards to traveling costs. Here are a few of my guides when it comes to charging for travel. If it’s within 25km’s of my studio I don’t charge anything – It’s a given that… Read more »

International Space Station (ISS) in the sky over Lake Waikareiti

Last weekend I had four days away at the remote Lake Waikareiti (Near Napier, New Zealand). I took a squillion photos, which I’ll eventually get round to doing a proper blog about. But till then, here’s this stunning view of the ISS orbiting earth above the lake. The photo itself is a 25″ second exposure, so you can start to picture how fast it travels. And, here’s one of my father & I playing with the… Read more »

One night in Edinburgh

On the wednesday we decided to head to Edinburgh Scotland for the night. Scotland is just an hours drive from Newcastle, so seemed silly not to venture up there. Once you hit the Scotland/England border, there’s a giant rock. I’m sure the only point of this is so you can jump from country to country… It also provides a nice windbreaker for the Bagpiper who is usually always here playing. The first port of call… Read more »

Newcastle, the land of the Geordies!

After a 12 hour crossing from Amsterdam we arrived back in England. If you ever are doing a trip around Europe, and want to get back to the UK, check the ferry crossings from Amsterdam. They’re often a lot cheaper than the chunnel crossings from France to London, and if you’re heading north once you get to UK, you save money again by not having to get from London north. While we were on board,… Read more »


Of all the places we were knocking off on this trip I had thought Amsterdam would’ve been my least favourite, purely for the reason that I had already spent three nights here two years ago, on my last trip to the UK. However this was not at all the case, and in fact Amsterdam became our favourite place of the entire trip! We can’t quite put our finger on what it is about Amsterdam that had… Read more »