The Coolest Place In New Zealand That You Didn’t Know About

I was recently browsing through Andrew J. Steel’s Instagram. He’s an amazing kiwi artist! One day I’ll have him do a wall in the studio (when it’s complete!) similar to this – but with cameras! He said he had visited a place called Gibbs Farm. I had to look this place up. WOAH! How have I never heard about this place?? Located about 60 km north of Auckland lies a massive property… Read more »

Some of the best photos you’ll ever see of New Zealand

Fellow photographer Johan Lolos spent most of 2015 in New Zealand. What he discovered and captured is nothing short of amazing! New Zealand changed me forever. It is there that I started my career as a full-time photographer, it is there that I discovered my passion for the outdoors and mountains, and it is there that I lived for 7 months in the most relaxing place on Earth: Wanaka. Now I have some… Read more »

Use WordPress? Use Buffer? You need this simple random hack!

If like me you use Wordpress for your website (most people do these days!) you might have 100’s of pages of great content. Buffer is an AWESOME new tool that lets you create a social buffer of content that gets posted to your social networks at specific times. This is great for when I add new content to my websites, or want to share photos – but I’ve struggled for awhile at finding the best… Read more »

Top Techy Present Suggestions For Xmas 2015 For The Creative In Your Life

It’s been a couple of years now since I’ve put out a blog like this. But on an average day I’ll spend hours sitting on my computer, forever seeing things that are awesome! So this is a bit of a wishlist, suggestion list, or just a general list of cool stuff!

Cocoon – Grid-It

Declutter tech bags with this innovative storage solution! There’s also this awesome one that is a laptop bag with… Read more »

Spoilt by nature

I feel too often we are spoilt, living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, we sure do take a lot for granted. With the speed & pace of the world racing ahead, social distractions are all around us. Sometimes all your day needs is a moment to stop, breath, and admire something familiar to you so much that it becomes unfamiliar like you’ve just noticed it for the first time. I… Read more »

Bush Walk up Cannon Point

A few months ago now, fellow photographer Paul Roche asked me if I’d like to accompany him on a walk up Cannon Point Walkway in Upper Hutt. Sadly the view from the top was dampened by the low cloud & rain, but still had some nice spots on the 1.5hr walk up. And glow worms on the way back down.

Pre & Post Christchurch Earthquake – Google Releases Streetview Time Machine

Google has just released a new tool on it’s popular Streetview function within Google Maps. You can now go back in time and view previous images. I’ve had a look through a bunch of the photos available, and here’s some photos that really show how much Christchurch has changed. While the time machine function has only just be released, these images are between 2008 (pre-earthquake) and 2012 (post-earthquake) – which is 2 years ago,… Read more »

Barbie Camera Challenge with Philip Bloom

English filmmaker Philip Bloom was recently put to the challenge to produce a short video for DigitalRev TV. They regularly get pro photographers on the show, give them the worst cameras in the world and see what magic they can work. Mixing things up this time by using a filmmaker was hard enough, but giving Philip a Barbie Camera that doesn’t even shoot standard definition was always going to be a… Read more »