Tips to Do & Dont Do for Clothing in Headshot Photos

When it comes time to decide what to wear for your headshot photo one of the biggest questions I get asked is “what should I wear?”. The question should really be what shouldn’t you wear.

DO These Things

Wear something you feel comfortable in Guys wear a shirt and tie with a dark suit. Solid color shirt or blouses without stripes For men, a bold colourful tie or a distinct pattern can look good For women, a… Read more »

BTS at Wellington Fashion Week/Lexus Marketing Shoot

In preparation for Wellington Fashion Week returning for 2015, I was commissioned to produce some marketing photos for Lexus & Wellington Fashion Week to use to market the upcoming event in Wellington, as well as their relationship together. We arranged the use of the ExecuJet Hanger at Wellington Airport for the day, The latest RC350 from Lexus, and model Izzy Duncan – merging everything luxury into one image! The joys of having an assistant at… Read more »