BTS at Wellington Fashion Week/Lexus Marketing Shoot

In preparation for Wellington Fashion Week returning for 2015, I was commissioned to produce some marketing photos for Lexus & Wellington Fashion Week to use to market the upcoming event in Wellington, as well as their relationship together.

We arranged the use of the ExecuJet Hanger at Wellington Airport for the day, The latest RC350 from Lexus, and model Izzy Duncan – merging everything luxury into one image!

The joys of having an assistant at my commercial shoots is that I’m also blessed with amazing behind the scenes photos! While these photos “show” a bit more of the shoot than I would’ve liked to have shared, my new assistant Dom Thomas did such an amazing job producing these epic photos I couldn’t decide which ones not to share – so there’s heaps!

The final edited photos wont be too far away, and will post a link here once released by Wellington Fashion Week.

WFW Lexus BTS-012 WFW Lexus BTS-015 WFW Lexus BTS-018 WFW Lexus BTS-026 WFW Lexus BTS-029 WFW Lexus BTS-034 WFW Lexus BTS-035 WFW Lexus BTS-038 WFW Lexus BTS-039 WFW Lexus BTS-040 WFW Lexus BTS-043 WFW Lexus BTS-046 WFW Lexus BTS-057 WFW Lexus BTS-064 WFW Lexus BTS-073 WFW Lexus BTS-085 WFW Lexus BTS-094 WFW Lexus BTS-095 WFW Lexus BTS-096 WFW Lexus BTS-100 WFW Lexus BTS-101 WFW Lexus BTS-108 WFW Lexus BTS-113 WFW Lexus BTS-126 WFW Lexus BTS-131 WFW Lexus BTS-133