VidCon, the annual video star convention, is coming down under!

Great news for YouTubers! VidCon – the largest annual convention for YouTube content creators – is coming to Melbourne, Australia on 9-10th September 2017. I am eager to see what YouTubers will be attending the conference, and I guess my ultimate goal is to get my own YouTube channel to a level worthy of a conference like this. My channel currently has total views of 1.5 million – so I can’t wait to take it… Read more »

Two day trips to Christchurch in one week!

Last week I flew to Christchurch for the day, twice. The first has been planned for a few months. I’m always keep my eye on AirNZ’s GrabASeat website for cheap flights. The idea of exploring another part of the country on the cheap is exciting! I managed to secure flights for me, Scarlett (my 15mo daughter) and my mother for just $32 return! I made this short video capturing that trip, check it… Read more »

My Top 10 YouTubers

Before I get into my top 10 YouTubers, I wanted to mention how I consume my YouTubers! I have a Raspberry Pi 2 with OSMC installed. Then I’ve got the YouTube app installed on it. Every morning with breakfast I turn the TV on, it loads straight into my Subscriptions and I can watch the latest videos from my favourite YouTubers. I find this the best consumption method, because I’m usually having breakfast, checking emails, so I… Read more »