Best Drone To Buy?

One of the top questions I get asked at the moment is what drone is the best to buy? and where should you buy it? To be honest the answer is easy, because there is only one brand that has been around since day one, continually developing new products, and lifting the bar every few months – DJI! In some ways it’s bad, trying to keep up with the latest and greatest, but in… Read more »

Drone Rules In New Zealand

As a leading drone film maker in the industry, I am constantly asked by new-comers what the rules are around using UAV’s in New Zealand. Airshare has recently put out this great video, which covers all the basics – so check it out, and feel free to ask me any questions.

My Liability Insurance Cover

Being a professional photographer it’s prudent of me to cover my liability in the unlikely occurrence that something should go wrong during a job. I have a Broadform Public Liability insurance policy up to $2,000,000 for all work undertaken in New Zealand. I also hold a liability insurance policy for up to $1,000,000 cover when operating my RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems/drone) Copies of these certificates can be supplied – please contact me if… Read more »