Best Drone To Buy?

One of the top questions I get asked at the moment is what drone is the best to buy? and where should you buy it?

To be honest the answer is easy, because there is only one brand that has been around since day one, continually developing new products, and lifting the bar every few months – DJI!

In some ways it’s bad, trying to keep up with the latest and greatest, but in this fast paced industry, any inch of perfection they can squeeze out of new models is worth it.

Yes there are cheaper drones out there, but they are simply not worth it. Drone’s are 50% hardware (which anyone can do) & 50% software. For years DJI was a software company, creating amazing software to run other peoples drones – before they launched their own. The features the have are simply amazing!

I’ve owned every model of the DJI Phantom series from the Phantom 1, it’s first ever consumer drone, through to the Phantom 4. I can highly recommend the Phantom Series if you’re looking for a professional drone, that can still fit in a carry on bag.

However if you’re not looking for something that professional, but want something smaller that you can fit in a small bag – Check out the Spark & the Mavic Pro! If you’re tossing up between those two, go for the Mavic Pro – it’s superior quality & build. But the Spark is a fair bit cheaper! So if it’s your first every drone, or you’re just wanting to dip your toe into drone photography – the Spark is the way to go.

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The best place to buy it is directly from DJI’s website as you get a credit rebate which you can put towards future purchases. They also ship much quicker than waiting for local stock to arrive into New Zealand. Click here to buy now.