In-Flight Entertainment – Evolving Along With Technology

Where Will In-Flight Entertainment Take You?

It’s a bit of a cliché, but the world really is developing and changing in every way thanks to technology. Even the irritation of long-haul flights is getting dealt with; a lot of airlines are using tech-driven alternatives to the old-style small movie screens that had low resolution and the clunky headsets that had poor sound quality.

These days, the visuals you can experience on your… Read more »

7 things I love about my Pebble smart watch

As a lover of all things tech, the Pebble smart watch has been on my radar since its Kickstarter inception some time ago. It wasn’t till recently that a friend (thanks Jess) lent me hers for a couple of weeks that I realised how much I loved it. Having never really been a fan of a chunk of metal on my wrist, I was sceptical at first if even having something there was going to… Read more »

Faces Of Wellington

This project is now finished! Check it out here.

What is Faces of Wellington?

An exciting photo project by 91ZM & Brady Dyer Photography to produce a giant mosaic photo of Wellington, made up entirely of the faces of Wellingtonians. When you have your photo taken we will be collecting donations to help Christchurch out in this desperate time.

How can I be involved?

Keep your eyes peeled for our photo points, come down… Read more »

Winter is well on our doorsteps

Winter is well on our doorsteps, and while most burrow into their holes with blankets & coco, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t still get out and party like there’s no tomorrow. We’ve had a huge line up of events through our site over the last few weeks, and now with teams in Christchurch, Dunedin, Auckland, and of course Wellington – we’re slowly capturing all the hottest events in the nation. Just remember if you’re… Read more »