VidCon, the annual video star convention, is coming down under!

Great news for YouTubers! VidCon – the largest annual convention for YouTube content creators – is coming to Melbourne, Australia on 9-10th September 2017. I am eager to see what YouTubers will be attending the conference, and I guess my ultimate goal is to get my own YouTube channel to a level worthy of a conference like this. My channel currently has total views of 1.5 million – so I can’t wait to take it… Read more »

Two day trips to Christchurch in one week!

Last week I flew to Christchurch for the day, twice. The first has been planned for a few months. I’m always keep my eye on AirNZ’s GrabASeat website for cheap flights. The idea of exploring another part of the country on the cheap is exciting! I managed to secure flights for me, Scarlett (my 15mo daughter) and my mother for just $32 return! I made this short video capturing that trip, check it… Read more »

My Top 10 YouTubers

Before I get into my top 10 YouTubers, I wanted to mention how I consume my YouTubers! I have a Raspberry Pi 2 with OSMC installed. Then I’ve got the YouTube app installed on it. Every morning with breakfast I turn the TV on, it loads straight into my Subscriptions and I can watch the latest videos from my favourite YouTubers. I find this the best consumption method, because I’m usually having breakfast, checking emails, so I… Read more »

Travelled to Vietnam for 20 days – shot a daily travel vlog of our adventure

Last month my father and I travelled to Vietnam from New Zealand (via Sydney and Kuala Lumpur) for a 20 day holiday exploring Vietnam! Having been hooked on FunForLouis‘ & Casey Neistat‘s daily vlogs of their lives, and Devin Supertramp‘s epic videos – I too decided I would create a daily vlog of our adventure covering every aspect of where we slept, visited, ate and things we did over twenty days! Enjoy!… Read more »

Sit Down with Philip Bloom

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to sit down with renowned filmmaker Philip Bloom. At the time I didn’t quite appreciate what a big deal he was! In the past few years as I have progressed into the video industry, I’ve been an avid follower of Philips work and it’s simply ground breaking. It’s easy to see why CNN recently booked him to shoot their documentary series The… Read more »

Making Great & Easy Videos on your iPhone with Replay

I’ve had a few emails lately asking what program I use to make my videos I post on my YouTube channel. For any commercial projects on there, I obviously use my Canon 5dmk3 + Final Cut Pro X. However, when it comes to my own personal videos, behind the scene videos, where I just want to tell a story, having a smartphone in your pocket makes life so much easier. I spent a… Read more »

Nephew’s 1st Birthday Video

A few weeks ago my little nephew turned one, rather than busting out the camera to take stills as I usually would do at any family occasion, I decided to put my new Manfrotto tripod through it’s paces and made this short video of his birthday party.

Trip to Hamilton as New Zealand Huggity Photographer

Huggity is an Ireland-based photography company creating gigaphotos of social events, such as sporting fixtures. The Huggity FanPic application is based on a giant 360º, multibillion pixel crowd images taken at a venue during an event – we call them FanPics. Once a FanPic is posted online, users can zoom into a crowd photo to find themselves and their friends. They can then share “a moment in time” with friends and family on Facebook,… Read more »