My YouTube Channel Hits 1.3 MILLION views!

I have been posting heaps more content to my YouTube channel in the past 6 months than I have in the past 6 years! Tonight I noticed my total view count has just clicked over 1,300,000 views!

To celebrate I FINALLY got around to designing an outro for my new videos – Check this video out, it’s the only one with it at the moment.


The main culprits for the huge numbers are the three videos below, in order of most views – starting with my proposal to Emma in May 2012! Yahoo Japan shared it on their homepage, and overnight saw this video get over 200,000 views!

The next top video was this recent video I posted of Scarlett, amazed that her hand was disappearing up her sleeve. I woke up one morning (seems all the view surges happen while NZ sleeps!) and few friends had sent me a link to a TIME Magazine article featuring the video!

And in third place, is this video I shot in collaboration with Homegrown & Six60 at this years Homegrown festival – following the band from back stage to the main stage!