Making Great & Easy Videos on your iPhone with Replay

BobTDZdIAAABUp9I’ve had a few emails lately asking what program I use to make my videos I post on my YouTube channel. For any commercial projects on there, I obviously use my Canon 5dmk3 + Final Cut Pro X. However, when it comes to my own personal videos, behind the scene videos, where I just want to tell a story, having a smartphone in your pocket makes life so much easier.

I spent a while trialling, buying, and testing a number of different video apps, including Apple’s own iMovie. In the end Replay came out on top for a number of reason:

  • Replay is very easy to use
  • You can create a edited video after capturing video/photos with the standard camera app (or another camera app)
  • You just throw all your files in the app, and it does the magic for you.
  • Heaps of included themes
  • Music library of songs that can be used legally, and able to override with your own iPhone music library
  • Free to use the base themes
  • Only pay for extra themes, and removing their logo (NZD$1.19)

It means when it comes time to tell a story, or you don’t even realise you’re telling a story till after the fact, you can easily make a professional looking video in literally seconds.

I’ve used it for a couple of behind the scene videos lately, and the one above of me & my mega-preggo wife about to pop visiting Wellington’s City & Growers Market.

Here’s links to a few other videos I have made using Replay.

Trip to Hamilton for Huggity #FanPic

Firefly Cinemas visiting New Plymouth