Nottingham – The land of Robin Hood and my English Whānau!

Monday morning we left Newcastle for the second time, en route for Nottingham! In some ways we were saving the best till last, on the other the whole time we had been trekking around Europe I had been dying to see all my family in Nottingham! I think if I did a similar trip again, I would have to go to Nottingham first, and then venture off from there.

Heading down the M1 motorway with mum and Olivia.

Arriving in Nottingham, we went straight to my Granddad & Grandma’s house in Calverton. Walked in the door to find Granddad cooking sausages! He was on strict doctors orders to rest with his foot up, after a recent operation on his foot. Anyone who knows this man will know that nothing will stop him. Literally nothing!

After seeing G&G it was another trip 20 minutes away to see my Nana. Obviously this was the first time my fiancé Emma had been here, so was great for her to meet the rest of my English family.

Here’s me and my silly Nana.

Emma studying the tadpoles in Nana’s pond.

Stored in Nana’s shed is an old English Oak Wedding Pew. Amazing on it’s own to see by itself. But even more amazing is the fact it’s the exact wedding pew my parents had at their wedding in 1983! The pew is currently being shipped over to Wellington, ready to take prime spot at mine & Emma’s wedding in March 2013.

While we were in England, the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations were taking part. Couldn’t ask for a better place to be at this time of year really! Having recently discovered Primark’s Onesie collection, we donned these for our attire. It’s what Liz would have wanted.

Match this with some yummy English food, and you’ve got the recipe for a pretty sweet afternoon!

When we got home my Aunty Jane, who had been at work all day, joined our Onesie Party!

We also caught up with my Granddad Pat while we were over there.

We went into Nottingham City for one day. After way too much shopping we walked up the hill to Nottingham Castle, and statue of Robin Hood.

Built into the rock foundations of the castle is Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, a pub which claims to be the oldest drinking establishment in England. Its painted sign states that it was established in 1189 AD.

Our trip to Europe, and Nottingham, was planned around the fact that I was taking photos at my cousin Kimmie’s wedding. It’s always a pleasure taking someones wedding photos, and even more so when they are as close as family!

Here’s a few of my fav snaps from their big day.

My uncle Boxer told us about this amazing field of poppies, and insisted I took the camera – glad he did!

He also took us through Newstead Abbey, where Em & I posed behind a waterfall.

On the Sunday before we left Nottingham we had a leaving party/mini engagement party at Burntstump Inn. Was great to see so many friends & family in one place!

My wonderful aunties organised a cake for Em & I with a photo from my sisters wedding in March printed on the cake! Very cool.

This is more our sort of photo, haha.

On one of my previous trips to Nottingham, many years earlier, I had a photo with my Aunty Lyn at Burntstump Park. At that time it was snowing, so we were riding rubbish bags down the slope. Seemed rude not to reenact the photo. With or without snow.

We’re off to London tomorrow, so will be another final blog from there soon!