Travelled to Vietnam for 20 days – shot a daily travel vlog of our adventure

Last month my father and I travelled to Vietnam from New Zealand (via Sydney and Kuala Lumpur) for a 20 day holiday exploring Vietnam! Having been hooked on FunForLouis‘ & Casey Neistat‘s daily vlogs of their lives, and Devin Supertramp‘s epic videos – I too decided I would create a daily vlog of our adventure covering every aspect of where we slept, visited, ate and things we did over twenty days! Enjoy!… Read more »

Travelling to Auckland (and back) on Kiwirail’s Northern Explorer

New Zealand’s longest running passenger service, the Northern Explorer is a long distance scenic train service running between Auckland and Wellington, stopping at Palmerston North, Ohakune, National Park and Hamilton. My wife & I recently had a wedding in Auckland, and being baby-free for the weekend (Thanks in-laws!) we decided to take the train up instead. I think being a kiwi, we’re spoilt for scenery in this country and find it hard to appreciate. After… Read more »

2014 – Year in Review

Updating a blog. It’s one of those things that is always sitting on my to-do list. But truth be told, it always gets pushed down the list by more pressing tasks, such as work for clients & more recently – spending time with my daughter! So while I had good intentions to update this monthly, or even every few months, this hasn’t been done for some time now! So without further adieu here is the highlights from… Read more »

Trip to Hamilton as New Zealand Huggity Photographer

Huggity is an Ireland-based photography company creating gigaphotos of social events, such as sporting fixtures. The Huggity FanPic application is based on a giant 360º, multibillion pixel crowd images taken at a venue during an event – we call them FanPics. Once a FanPic is posted online, users can zoom into a crowd photo to find themselves and their friends. They can then share “a moment in time” with friends and family on Facebook,… Read more »

100MP Photo of Mount Egmont

While up in Taranaki last weekend for Michael & Roseanne’s wedding, my wife & I decided to get up-close-and-personal with Mount Taranaki. The mountain has always been a far-away landmark, so was amazing to drive to the base of the mountain. Having a super-prego wife, we weren’t going to throw the hiking boots on and get any closer, but did decide to create this 100MP photo! Stitching images together from my Canon 5Dmk3 resulted in… Read more »

Honeymoon at Viwa Island Resort in Fiji (Yasawa Islands)

From the second Viwa Island is in sight you’re already in shock & ore at how beautiful this place is. Arriving in the main dining area, we were greeted with fresh coconuts – the best! Viwa Island Resort! Wow… I actually can’t say enough about this place. It’s just simply the most relaxing, remote, beautiful place I have ever visited. They’ve kept the traditional Fijian culture through everything they do, but with the luxury you’d… Read more »

Travelling to Viwa Island Resort in Fiji (Yasawa Islands)

Here’s part two of my Fiji Travel Blogs. The Yasawa Flyer is the only daily transport out to the Yasawa Islands in Fiji, well with the exception of your own private charter or float plane. This meant waking up at 6am, checking out of Beachside Resort – half way between Nadi at Denarau Marina where we left on the boat. The Flyer’s not only for tourists & locals to get out to the islands, it’s… Read more »

Wellington to Fiji with Air New Zealand

Well I’ve told myself I’m going to write a daily blog of our honeymoon in Fiji. But already I’m starting to regret that – haha. So in the interest of actually having the honeymoon instead of writing about it, I might restrict it to just one post per place we visit! We home this morning at 11am (not bad considering we said “lets leave by 10am!”). Had a bunch of things we had to do… Read more »

What does a travelling photographer take to Fiji?

I started writing a list of the gear I want to take on my honeymoon to Fiji next month and now with the list a mile long I’ve got to start justifying it to myself – so thought, why not share that? Canon 5Dmk2 – Was never going to leave my DSLR at home. Ever. Canon 24-70 f/2.8 lens – My favourite lens, versatile for most situations. Canon 16-35 f/2.8 lens – Didn’t take this… Read more »

The journey is over for me, but the trip is just beginning.

Last night at 11am, an hour before the finalists were announced I received an email that made my heart drop. It was from Neil the Co-Founder of My Destination, the power house behind the Biggest Baddest Bucket List competition. It was informing me that I hadn’t made it through to the final round in London. The most disheartening part was that I was so sure I had gotten in, I had set the video camera up… Read more »

24 Hours in Belfast

Sounds like a movie title doesn’t it? I can tell you my 24 hours in Belfast went pretty quick, so sure felt like I was on the set of a hollywood blockbuster! I’m gonna have to let you know up front, my 24 hours in Belfast actually happened on the 14th October 2009! As a professional photographer I have literally hundreds of thousands of photos on my hard drive, and during a recent browse discovered… Read more »

3 Days To Go!

Well unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will know that I entered the global tourism competition that My Destination is running. Voting closed over a week ago, and now I’m playing the fun game of “try-not-to-think-about-it-else-you’ll-get-no-work-done”. I’ve been winning at this game till now, three days out from the finalists being announced. Now my stomach is fluttering with butterflies in anticipation at the impeding announcement!… Read more »