Honeymoon at Viwa Island Resort in Fiji (Yasawa Islands)

From the second Viwa Island is in sight you’re already in shock & ore at how beautiful this place is.

Arriving at Viwa Island Fiji Viwa Island Fiji Boat Getting to Viwa Island Fiji Emma in pool at Viwa Island

Arriving in the main dining area, we were greeted with fresh coconuts – the best!

Coconuts on arrival at Viwa Island Resort

Viwa Island Resort! Wow… I actually can’t say enough about this place. It’s just simply the most relaxing, remote, beautiful place I have ever visited. They’ve kept the traditional Fijian culture through everything they do, but with the luxury you’d expect from a five-star resort.

Viwa Island Resort Bure Bure at Viwa Island Resort Hammock On Viwa Island Beach Viwa Island Bures 0830-2087 Viwa Island Hammock Best Fiij Honeymoon Bathrooms at Viwa Island in Fiji Hammack at Viwa Island Fiji View from our bure in Fiji

Emma is slowly working her way through the extensive cocktail list.

Viwa Island Resort cocktails

Not expecting the food to be anything to rave about given the remoteness of this place, I was amazed! The food is AMAZING! Some of the nicest food I have tried. They haven’t skimped on quality or staff, and it really shows in the taste & presentation of their meals… and I’m writing this without even having breakfast yet! Emma tried (and I stole) this traditional Fijian raw fish dish. If this comes up again on the menu, I’m ordering six!

Raw fish salada at Viwa Island

For lunch I tried the Fish & Cassava Chips.

Viwa Island Fish and Chips lunch

In the afternoon I headed out with another couple here to do some deep sea fishing.

Deep sea fishing at Viwa Island Resort Fish at Viwa Island Bird Viwa Island

After three hours of no action, we decided to call it a day… and within 30 seconds the first beast was on… Half an hour later, and three fish later – we were actually calling it a day.

Back of boat deep sea fishing

Well truth be told, we each landed a fish… but mine pulled a Houdini and got out the back of the boat.

catching mahi mahi fish fiji catching mahimahi mahi mahi fish caught mahi mahi fish mahi mahi jumping out of water fiji mahi mahi in fiji brady fishing at Viwa

Back to the resort for dinner. The live Fijian band mixed with great company, amazing food, cocktails and Fijian beer… we really were in heaven!

Emma in restaurant viwa island resort Brady at Viwa Island Singing with dinner at Viwa Yum food at Viwa Sweet Sour food at Viwa Resort Crab Racing at Viwa Island Resort honeymoon

Everyone at Viwa is lovely & friendly. There’s a really nice feeling amongst all the guests staying here too, those that have been here a few days have become really good friends with each other. The staff performed a song to welcome those new guests to the island, and then a farewell song to those leaving tomorrow morning.

Our first morning at Viwa, and we were about to find out how good the food really is! Emma for these crispy flapjacks and I the Eggs Benedict. Both these meals broke our rule of not ordering the same thing twice while on our trip.

After breakfast it was a nice walk back down the beach to our Bure, for our only token “honeymoon” photo.

Then got the quadcopter out to take some aerial photos of Viwa Island Resort.


After an exhausting morning it was time for a nap in our hammock.

Once we’d finally built up enough energy, it was out into the ocean for some snorkelling. 

After an hour snorkelling around in the lagoon right off the beach at Viwa, it was time for a bit more relaxing. Books, Beach & Champagne.

For dinner I organised Viwa Island Resort to setup their romantic dinner on the beach. Was one of the highlights of the trip, watching the sun set, champagne in hand, before the sky lit up with the most amazing stars ever.

Day three at Viwa Island Resort was here, our last fully day. Time sure flys when you’re doing nothing!

We decided to go for a walk over to the other side of Viwa Island to visit the village, and their shell market – where you can buy some shells from the locals. But not before another spot of breakfast!

And a fresh coconut!

Then it was on our way, the hour walk in 30+ degree heat begins.

Saw some great sights on the way over, arriving at the village Emma quickly regretted wearing jandals.

We bought a few shells, and necklaces – the few things we’re actually allowed to bring back into New Zealand because of their strict restrictions.

I then took out my quadcopter, our guide to the village had told me earlier the kids would love it – so couldn’t not bring it!

And love it they did!


After talking with the kids, and a bit more of a tour of the village and their church that’s being built, it was onto the boat for a quicker trip back to Viwa Island Resort.

I then headed out to the outer reef with some of the staff on Viwa to get a few photos of them diving on the outer reef. Was a bit reluctant at first to fly the quadcopter off the back of the boat, above the ocean and then land it again on the small boat. But worked out well, and the photos sure made it worth it.


Then into the water with my underwater housing.

When we got back, Emma & I were dropped on a private beach on an uninhabited island fifteen minutes from the resort.

That night, it was our turn to be on the receiving end of the farewell song. I will eventually get around to putting together the video.

We had an early start (yes 9am is early in Fiji!) to catch the Yasawa Flyer, to take us to our next honeymoon retreat for another four days.

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