Wellington to Fiji with Air New Zealand

Well I’ve told myself I’m going to write a daily blog of our honeymoon in Fiji. But already I’m starting to regret that – haha. So in the interest of actually having the honeymoon instead of writing about it, I might restrict it to just one post per place we visit!

We home this morning at 11am (not bad considering we said “lets leave by 10am!”). Had a bunch of things we had to do on the way to the airport, drop Loti off at Canine Solutions, Pickup water shoes, Pop into the studio and finish some work off, Drop Localist’s VW off on The Terrace, and then catch a cab to the airport! We got there at 12:30pm, Perfect – enough time to pay the Koru Club a visit!

Wellington Koru Club NZ Airforce Plane taking off Wellington Middle Earth Airport - Wellington

A few beers & glasses of wines later, we were boarding the flight to Auckland. Our bags were booked the whole way through, so we only had to jump off that plane and walk over to International.

Auckland International Airport

Bought a couple of bottles of Veuve in Duty-free… excited to see how long they will last! I give it a day haha.

Brady Emma Fiji Flight AirNZ Flight to Fiji

Saw an amazing sunset from the plane while watching the Top Gear African Special (Very very good!)

0827-340 0827-331 0827-325 0827-303 0827-296 0827-295 0827-288 0827-287

Arrived in Fiji, quick taxi ride to our home for 12-hours Beachside Resort – before catching a catamaran out to Viwa Island Resort tomorrow morning.

Brady in Fiji Landed in Fiji

Had to have a Pina Colada next to the pool at Beachside Resort first though…

Beachside Resort - Fiji Pina Colada in Fiji