Wellington’s Most Scenic Locations

Brady Dyer is a photographer who is fascinated with people. In addition to his commercial and corporate work, his favourite subjects are weddings, as they give him the opportunity to capture the emotions and interactions between people celebrating their special day. Hailing from Wellington, he lives in an ideal place to capture a wide variety of weddings, as this vibrant area is one of New Zealand’s most popular wedding destinations.

There are no shortage of dramatic and romantic destination for desirable spots for tying the knot, here are some of our favourites …

1Y4A2145Botanical Gardens & Cable Car Viewing Platform

Situated on the hills looking over Wellington City, the Botanical Gardens are home to some of the most beautiful areas in Wellington. Get lost in the bush & the diverse type of plants & bushes that are throughout this amazing place.

Te Papa

Te Papa is the national museum and art gallery of New Zealand, where the past meets the future and the diverse culture of New Zealand is celebrated at every turn. It focuses on the traditional Maori culture and the natural beauty of New Zealand, inside a modern, forward-looking building in the heart of Wellington.

1Y4A1601Old St Paul’s

This beautiful wooden building was Wellington’s original cathedral. Built in the 19th Century Gothic Revival style, it ceased to be Wellington’s cathedral in 1964, but it is still consecrated, making it a highly popular wedding venue. It is constructed from native New Zealand timber, and is famous for its interlaced wooden arches and its intricate stained glass windows, which give the interior a beautiful glowing light – perfect for images in a wedding album with a slightly different twist.

Wellington Waterfront

The Wellington Waterfront is a beautiful spot, with a variety of artworks, sculptures, and heritage trails to discover and explore. This vibrant social hub offers plenty of options for the perfect shots of your big day.

1Y4A2564Pukeahu National War Memorial Park

Pukeahu National War Memorial Park in Wellington was created as the Government’s key project to acknowledge the centenary of the First World War. This was completed in time to be the centrepiece of Anzac Day commemorations in 2015.

Pauatahanui Inlet

Pauatahanui Inlet is famous for its Wildlife Reserve, which is home to a wide variety of exotic native birds and plant life, and offers stunning views. It is also home to the famous 19th Century St Alban’s Church.

Wellington is an increasingly popular destination for weddings, as it boasts beautiful scenery and a wide variety of places of cultural interest from all eras. Knowing the area as he does, Brady Dyer is perfectly placed to capture it all, and convey the beauty and diversity of Wellington to the rest of the world.
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