New Website Launched!

After opening my new photography studio last week, it seemed the next thing to do was relaunch my website. It was a tricky decision to make as I regularly get comments from clients about how great my old website was. But there were two main things that forced me to switch it up. The first was that my old website wasn’t the nicest on mobile devices. I know I could have developed a mobile only website, but if you’re doing that you might as well go all out and make the whole website responsive. It now means this one website morphs itself to work on any browser – mobile, desktop, tablet – the lot!

The second reason was change for the sake of change. I’m a sucker for it! I love changing things up and improving things, and with the recent improvements to Parallax effects (where the background of this website and text in front moves independent of each other) I just had to make the jump.

So here we are! Brady Dyer Photography Version.3!