What do you need for a good livestream event?

There are several things that make or break a great broadcast of a live event. In this day and age of COVID, and restrictions on travel and attendance of large events, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to consider live-streaming your event.

To make sure things run as smooth as possible here’s what you’ll need:

  • Good internet connection – Ideally a hard wired connection direct into an internet connection at the venue. If this isn’t possible, then a good fast wifi connection will often do. Mobile data connections can be used, but this is the last resort – and wont always guarantee the whole stream runs smoothly
  • Direct connection into AV equipment – if we can get an HDMI connection into any projectors, or video presentations, we can embed this into the live stream. Likewise if we can attach a wireless transmitter into any audio equipment being used, we can put whatever is coming out of the local speakers into the stream. Both these items significantly increase the quality for those watching from afar.
  • A good camera operator, with good streaming equipment – this is where we come in, get in touch if you’d like to discuss live-streaming your next event.

If you’re not sure on the above, get in touch and let us know what internet connection there is, and what audio/visual equipment you’ll be using and we can let you know how to go from there.