17 Award-Winning Wedding Photos From 2017 That’ll Leave You Speechless

Every year, the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers rounds up the most breathtaking wedding pictures its seen over the past 12 months.

ISPWP holds four photo competitions over the course of each year and chooses winners for 20 different categories each time, from “Wedding Details” to “Humour,” resulting in 80 first-place winners. The society just released the full list of first-place winners from 2017, and they’re completely gorgeous. Some highlights:

1. These adoring friends and family.

Christiaan de Groot / Mooibelicht Fotografie / Via mooibelichttrouwreportages.nl

2. This bird’s-eye view.

Marcis Baltskars / Via baltskars.com

3. This eye-catching bride.

Cristiano Ostinelli / Via ostinellicristiano.com

4. This pre-wedding snapshot.

Christophe Viseux / Via christopheweddingphoto.com

5. These newlyweds and their sheep friends.

Donatella Barbera / Via tuscanyweddingphotographers.com

6. These playful kiddos.

Victor Lax / Via victorlax.net

7. These happy-crying friends.

Santi / Via nouenfoc.com

8. This getting-ready triptych.

Emin Kuliyev / Via em34.com

9. This mesmerizing view.

Lu Minifeel / Via minifeel.tw

10. This gorgeous dress detail shot.

Chiara Ridolfi / Via nabisphotographers.com

11. These ecstatic lovebirds.

Daniel Ribeiro / Via estudiod.com.pt

12. This joyful bride.

FengHe / Via waimaophoto.com

13. This emotional groom.

Kate Crabtree / Via katecrabtreephotography.com

14. This champagne-popping couple.

Sebastien Clavel / Via sebastienclavelwedding.com

15. This gleeful sun salute.

Jinling Lee / Via jinlingvision.com

16. These runaway kids.

Sergi Escriva / Via sergiescriva.com

17. And this dog-happy duo.

Byron Roe / Via studio-br.com

All of the winners can be seen here.