NZ Photographer Magazine

Issue one was launched in July of 2009 and ever since the NZ Photographer e-magazine has taken New Zealand photographers by storm. It was, and still is, the only free e-magazine published in New Zealand for photographers. Whether you’re an enthusiastic weekend snapper, a beginner to intermediate level photographer, or just have an interest in photography, NZ Photographer e-magazine is the free and fun e-magazine for Kiwi camera owners.

They have just released their 22nd issue, and are just around the corner from their 2nd birthday. If you have any interested in photography, and I’m guessing you do if you’re reading my blog, then this e-magazine is a must-have… and it’s free!

Head over to the NZ Photographer website to subscribe to the e-magazine, and it’ll arrive freshly pressed in your inbox every three weeks.

The magazine touches on all things photography, from latest gear reviews to photo critique of readers work. Leading photographers work and interviews are always present, alongside competitions designed to challenge even the best photographers. No matter what level of photographer you are at, this is a great read and every issue is bound to have at least one interesting article to inspire your brain to think a slightly different way. Just when you think you have learnt the rules of photography, that’s when it’s time to start breaking them!

If you’re interested in reading any back issues check out the links below.