WORLD @ Wellington Fashion Week

WORLD’s first showing at Wellington Fashion Week was a culmination of 22 years within the industry.

A plethora of fashionable Wellingtonians showed up to the sellout Autumn Winter 2013 BORING GETS YOU NOWHERE catwalk show which opened to Britney Spears’ “Drive Me Crazy”.

Hair was waved and coiffed with golden glitter, bobby pins and interwoven beading, eyes were defined with smoky purples, golds and blues, and lips embellished with Swarovski crystals in a look reminiscent of The Great Gatsby.

The collection, which is currently instore, showcases WORLD exuberance contrasted with a moodier tone.

WORLD womenswear played with patterns, textures and colour using fabrics such as velvet, sequins and satin with rabbit fur accents.

Classic tailoring was given a modern edge with use of bright colours and contrasting tones.  Coats were updated with V-shaped vents at the back and draped details.

WORLD menswear models gave a distinctly playful vibe with waved hair and hand-drawn moustaches.

The use of well-tailored suits paired with colourful scarves, and fur bow ties highlighted WORLD’s sartorial eye for detail.

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