Are casinos photo-friendly?

This is a question that crops up quite regularly, not from the perspective of potentially being a great shoot location, but from the angle of whether it’s actually legal to take photos inside a casino. It seems like the policies vary from casino to casino but as far as my investigations show its not illegal to take photos inside, it’s just not always allowed. Most casinos will clearly state their photo policy and this usually includes a stipulation that no images are taken in the gaming area. These policies are occasionally heavily enforced by security, but if you are caught the worst they can do is detain you until the footage is erased satisfactorily.

The bright lights, vibrant backgrounds and stunning decor typical of casinos make for an excellent backdrop and many visitors cannot resist sneaking in a picture or two. There are some rules that you can follow to ensure your photo taking is discreet and if, like me, you can’t resist clicking the shutter ensure you act quickly and you don’t photograph sensitive areas such as where the cashiers are, near a pit boss or a security stand. A sure fire way to get caught would be to ask, so don’t ask, just take a picture and hope you aren’t noticed! Mobile devices make it so much easier to take photos inside and they are also a great option for casino gaming practice. It’s a great idea to check out a site like to ensure you know what you are doing before you hit the gaming floor.

Planning your photo before you take it is an excellent way of ensuring you get the best shot, so choose a remote area if possible and be subtle when shooting. If you are part of group it’s hard not to draw attention to yourself and in particular wedding parties always seem to want a shot on the gaming floor. Security will often turn a blind eye to this type of photography as long as it’s conducted relatively quickly and does not disturb other patrons.

There are of course casinos that put a positive spin on allowing photography and actually encourage it as it promotes free advertising. In my experience these establishments are more party orientated and staff will even help capture the moment on film.

Let me know in the comments area below what casino you’ve visited that’s looked amazing in photos!