Nokia 1020 – Photographer’s Thoughts & Review

nokia 1020 reviewFor the past 3 months I have been reviewing & playing with the Nokia 1020 for Nokia NZ & Telecom. Being a lover of all things Mac, it was always going to be a hard ask to impress me. The Nokia 1020 certainly did that, and some.

While the phone comes into a smartphone category, I think it would be better suited as a smartcamera! The 41MP camera surely is something. Having full control of the Aperture, Shutter Speeds & ISO gives you all the flexibility to do what ever you wish. Even in automatic mode, the photos this thing pushes out are seriously cool.

The only issue I personally had with the phone, was having it sync with the rest of my life (being Apple’s iMacs, Macbooks & iCloud) however I believe they’re making this more compatible to sync everything up. But if you are a Microsoft lover or not emotionally-locked-in with anyone else ,and wanting a bad-ass smart phone with a camera on par with a decent SLR then the Nokia 1020 is for you.

I loved the additional battery grip. Gives it a much more camera feel with a shutter button where you’d expect and has a tripod mounting thread on the bottom. Also has an battery pack inside, which meant I would use this phone ALL day and never run out of juice – which was awesome! Did make the phone a bit larger, but small price to pay to have all day power.

I’ve posted a few photos below, most haven’t been touched, and the ones that have were all done with Nokia’s built in Creative Suite. I tried to bust the camera out whenever I was out and about taking photos (as I usually do through instagram) so there’s a whole variety of pics included.

InstagramCapture_e8198f8d-e6ff-4e5e-9daa-ec5bfd858111_jpg Photo Windows Phone_20131010_15_36_36_Pro20131010153815 Windows Phone_20131010_16_08_18_Pro20131010180522 Windows Phone_20131010_17_16_39_Pro20131010180145 Windows Phone_20131031_04_48_58_Cinemagraph Windows Phone_20131031_12_47_06_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20131123_14_31_48_Pro20131123144149 Windows Phone_20131123_15_35_06_Pro20131123155054 Windows Phone_20131123_15_44_04_Pro20131123164958 Windows Phone_20131123_15_59_03_Pro20131123160653 Windows Phone_20131123_18_31_02_Pro20131123183343 Windows Phone_20131201_08_59_34_Pro Windows Phone_20131201_20_16_04_Pro20131201202051 Windows Phone_20131201_21_13_31_Pro20131202121942 Windows Phone_20131202_14_28_56_Pro20131202143548 Windows Phone_20131202_15_41_17_Pro Windows Phone_20131202_15_43_30_Pro Windows Phone_20131203_20_51_55_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20131203_20_54_59_Pro20131203205524 Windows Phone_20131204_13_55_45_Pro__highres Windows Phone_20131207_12_19_57_Pro Windows Phone_20131207_14_40_32_Pro20131207144114 Windows Phone_20131207_16_06_27_Pro Windows Phone_20131208_12_13_21_Pro Windows Phone_20131210_20_21_47_Pro20131210220716 Windows Phone_20131210_20_26_19_Pro20131210215925 Windows Phone_20131213_20_35_19_Pro Windows Phone_20131215_21_18_41_Pro20131217151609 Windows Phone_20131217_19_47_26_Pro20131217194825 Windows Phone_20131217_19_54_39_Pro20131217195605 Windows Phone_20131218_21_10_39_Pro20131218211702 Windows Phone_20131220_20_46_04_Pro20131220204732 Windows Phone_20131222_21_05_57_Pro