Wellington-based menswear label Falvé (pronounced ‘Fal-vay’) will be making their AW’14 runway debut at Wellington Fashion Week’s Group Collections Showcase #1 tonight.

Launched in March 2013, husband and wife design duo Dan and Emma Johnstone have established the menswear label; inspired by Emma’s maiden name- Falvey, as an outlet for their creativity. Based on their understanding that fashion should consist of “clothes that fit well and look good, and last the length of time”, the Johnstones have essentially produced each high quality garment in expression of this vision.

In choosing to produce limited runs of quality menswear garments and accessories, the Johnstones aim to move away from the standard designer procedure of developing two collections a year; what they refer to as the “fast fashion movement” of today. “We don’t want our garments to feel like they lose their value in six months time,” the couple said. Instead, their aim is to produce timeless classics; “that men will pull out of their wardrobes and still love the garment they purchased 5 years previous”, which is why their AW’14 collection will remain unnamed.

“The fit and tailoring of our garments is of just as much importance to Falvé as to what is on trend for men. We find menswear is different to womenswear in the fact that it does not have such rapidly changing trends, which is something we love about menswear. Fast fashion is just not an environmentally stable answer anymore, so we have gone back to traditional tailoring methods and aim to produce classic garments that will hold their own in years to come.”

Falvé’s classic tailored shirts, t-shirts, shorts and handcrafted accessories are designed to be “simple with an emphasis on their construction and detail”. Expect to see these within a neutral toned palette complimented with muted floral pastels, dynamic checks and patterns. Their attention to detail within the garments will no doubt become a Falvé trademark. French seams, removable collar stays, contrast bindings and quirky bowties are a reflection of the Johnstones’ hardworking ethic. Everything they produce is created and made in their Wellington workroom; from the hand cut patterns to the swing tags that complete each garment.

As a joint venture, it is clear that Falvé is a distinct representation of the Johnstones’ vision for menswear and fashion; “We work closely together on all stages of the design process…Our friendship and shared taste is a big part of the brand and its style… We design and make what we like and enjoy- each garment is an expression of us”.