Sudbury – Wellington Wedding Venue

A few years ago when my wife and I were looking for our own wedding venue, we scoured Wellington trying to find the perfect wedding venue, that wasn’t mega expensive! In the end, we decided we wanted it to be in the Wairarapa and had our wedding at The Landing in Masterton. However, one venue in Wellington that nearly ticked all our boxes was Sudbury on the Kapiti Coast. The main deal breaker for us was having to put a marquee up, as (at that time) there was no indoor wedding venue for the reception. Fast forward two-years and the owners seem to have listened to our brains, they’ve now transformed an old barn on the site into a breathtaking wedding venue! For anyone looking for a wedding venue in Wellington, we strongly suggest you check out Sudbury. It’s probably worth pointing out, I’m not getting paid to say this – I just know a good thing when I see one!

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