4 New Online Tools That Will Help You Plan Your Perfect Wedding

Gone are the days where you plan your wedding using one of those bulky wedding binders. Nowadays, your family and friends don’t have to live in the same city as you, as you can brainstorm, share ideas and your wedding vision, using Pinterest and many other online wedding planning tools.

Planning a wedding is a very overwhelming task and although wedding planners can help, some brides and grooms want to be able to plan their own big day. It is in fact, a once in a lifetime experience (we hope).

More and more companies are developing online services to help with the planning, so we decided to curate a short list of the best/new online tools to help you plan your dream wedding. We hope they can help make the planning process more efficient, less stressful and more fun!



Do any of you actually keep your wedding invitations? If you want to save money, time and help the environment? This app facilitates the wedding planning process because you can create a free digital invitation that is beautiful on all devices.


Awesome Design: Every new site can be overwhelming. Wedivite makes the onboarding process super easy and you’ll understand the next steps required to create the perfect invitation,  in no time!

Seating Plan ArrangementsOnce your guests have RSVP, the next step is to get them seated. You can avoid using another app for this task and use this great feature in Wedivite.

Engage your Guests With Song Requests: I’ve been to over 300 weddings (I worked at a banquet hall and do have friends that are getting married). The one aspect that can completely kill the vibe of a good party is bad music. Why not have your guests request songs before they attend? Wedivite allows your guests to request songs before your big day. Like this, the DJ or Band can be better prepared to satisfy your guests unique tastes and you don’t have to bother doing your homework.


Founded in 2015, LadyMarry is completely free and is the perfect productivity app to help you plan your wedding. From monthly checklists to daily reminders, LadyMarry will make you a wedding planner expert.


Visually Appealing: The timetable and timeline with a pre-disposed checklist of tasks to complete makes it easy for anyone to manage their own wedding planning.

Virtual Wedding Planner: If you are stuck finding a vendor during the planning process, you can always request help from the LadyMarry virtual planner 🙂

Plan From Anywhere:  MAC, PC or Android phone friendly.



Aisle Planner is more so aimed at professional wedding planners, however, they do offer a solution for brides and grooms that are looking to plan their own wedding. With the individual wedding planning package for as little as 10$ a month, you’ll have access to professionally designed wedding planning  and design tools.


Made by Wedding Planners: This wedding planning software was created by wedding planners. They are experts and thought of pretty much everything. They took every detail into consideration when creating the software, just like they would when planning a wedding.

Vendor ManagementThere are numerous vendors involved when planning a wedding. With Aisle Planner, you can add vendors and keep track of all of them in one place. For example, when you enter your venue vendor, the information sheet is customized for that specific service. You can enter the number of seats, number of meals, payment dates and notes.

Design Studio: This is where you keep images of inspiration. You can either search for ideas or you can upload your own images of things that you like. Although it is like Pinterest, what’s great about this feature is that it’s included in this software rather than having to use two applications.


Blogs are a super important aspect in the wedding planning process. Although some are a waste of time, there are still those that are worth reading. Instead of refreshing pages every day, why not have all the blogs that you love all in one place? Ringfinger is the perfect solution for the abundance of information problem, that newly engaged couples face.


Curated list: It was only after weeks of research that I was able to compile a list of the best wedding blogs to follow. With Ringfinger, you can have the best blogs all in one place.

Social Sharing: With the click of a button, you can share the best stories with your family and friends on social media.

Planning your wedding should be fun and not stressful. If you are keen on doing it yourself and don’t know where to start, these tools can help immensely.