7 Wedding Ideas To Blow Mum’s Socks Off (literally)

A Wellington catering company, Blue Carrot Catering recently posted a funky list of quirky ideas for weddings. Head over to http://bluecarrotcatering.co.nz if you need help with your wedding menu.

Now to the funky ideas…

1. Grab A Truck Or A Caterer

One of the biggest trends right now is people incorporating fun things into weddings. – like food trucks for instance. I recently went to my brothers wedding with a food truck. It was totally memorable. The food was totally yummy, we lined up and got to catch up with friends during the process. Food was easy and we had no mess to clean up. Totally in!

2. Have An Outside Wedding

In 2015, outside weddings are in. Should you go down this path make sure that you check the weather forecast and have alternate plans in case a tornado comes through. At night can be delightful and you can get some really romantic settings going outside with the right lighting. Don’t forget a bunch of blankets in case it gets below zero.

3. Hire A Brass Band

Now who doesn’t love a Brass band. They are so old school. They are fun and everyone including Grandma will love them. They really add that mystical feel to the wedding and remove that uncomfortable feeling that you can have when everyone is silent.

4. Big Ice Baths Full Of Beer, Wine & Spirits

Now if we are going to have an outside wedding, cool brass bands and food trucks, we might as well cater for everyone with all you can drink, ice baths. That way you can put the feelers out, buy the drinks you know the family and friend love and let them go for it. No more queue’s of guest’s lining up. Yippee.

5. Photo Stands

Photo stands are a ripper idea for the party goers. Setup some props to match your theme and have your cool wedding photographer, take some happy snaps. Awesome memories that capture you and your mates at their potential worst shape…

6. Use The Letter Box As The Card Box

To add a bit of extra quirk, setup the letterbox as the card box. That way they can get it done as they come in. That way the postie can go to Hawaii with the wedding money. Jk… Seriously, why not have some fun and do things a little different. You want your guests to remember your wedding right?

7. Setup A #HashTag For Your Wedding

Now with all of your guests having a blast, you might as well cash in on that and setup a #hashtag to capture all of those moments. That way the whole list of guests can get in on the action and you end up with a big pile of photos and video you can cherish for the rest of your life. Brilliant! Head over to http://weddinghashtagwall.com/
About the Author:

Nev Rodda is the Online Marketing Manager at Blue Carrot Catering. He also runs an internet marketing Business in Wellington called Search Engine Authority.