DJI Phantom 3 Pro (P3P) vs Phantom 4 Pro (P4P)

If like me you currently have the DJI Phantom 3 Pro and you didn’t upgrade to the Phantom 4 because the only real difference was a new battery & avoidance sensors, you might now be wanting to know is the Phantom 4 Pro worth the upgrade?

Asides from the reasons above, the other key features of the Phantom 4 Pro are:

  • New 20mp 1″ sensor
  • 4K 60P recording
  • New bitrate of 100mbps in H264 and H265
  • 5 direction obstacle sensors
  • Mechanical shutter
  • 4.3 mile transmission range
  • New controller option with built-in high quality screen

I’m not going to go over the differences of these drones as drones, but more as cameras. If you’ve been flying Phantom’s for years the new features of drones are a nice have, but not the biggest draw card. The camera is key.

The Phantom 3 & Phantom 4 both have 1/2.3” 12.4 megapixel cameras. The new Phantom 4 Pro has a 1″ 20 megapixel camera! It also sports a mechanical shutter, which should illuminate rolling shutter when you’re moving fast and taking photos.

The new Phantom 4 has a much wider field of view – 84° vs 94° on the P3P & P4.

The Phantom 4 now shoots 4K at 24/25/30/48/50 fps – whereas the P3P & P4 only did 24/25fps.

But perhaps the BIGGEST difference for me is 100 Mbps recording bitrate! the P3p was only 60 Mbps. This is huge! Mbps is the amount of detail & quality that is stored in every second of footage.

Watch the video below which outlines the new Phantom 4 Pro.