Oblivious @ Wellington Fashion Week (SS’14)

Models wore floral headpieces in this cohesive and whimsical collection which featured peplum detailed tops, white and black floral patterns and cute dresses. Scarab beetle prints were prominent among the menswear, along with dropped crotch jersey pants and sleeveless shirts with rodeo patterns.

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Sabatini @ Wellington Fashion Week (AW’13)

Sabatini set a dark and elegant tone on the runway with a strong hair style look from Sebastian Professional. Leather accents on coats and leggings, distressed tweed, ribbed sleeves and khaki leather were distinctive features of the collection. Looks were elegantly styled and models wearing wide-brimmed hats imbued a sense of intrigue into the feature.

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Mondegreen @ Wellington Fashion Week (AW’13)

The label’s first catwalk show was a true embodiment of the collections’ Runaway Circus theme. A ringmaster twirling a hula-hoop was first out on the catwalk and models were styled to the theme, emerging with cat ears and embellished fingerless-leather gloves.  Sequined shorts, white shirts with sequin sleeves, burgundy accents and the cleverly designed patterns were highlights of the show. The models were sporting a soft-look hairstyle created by Sebastian Professional.

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