What happens to your photos after your wedding day? My post-wedding workflow and processes

The dress is back on its hanger, with your flowers at the base, and the grooms suit and shirt is probably scrunched up in a heap on the floor somewhere. So, what happens next? This page is to set some expectations as to what you will receive, when you will receive it, and why it takes so long, by sharing my post-wedding workflow and processes. For me, the post-wedding process starts before I even hit… Read more »

The Best A Capella Music Video Wedding Ever

As you may know I’m getting married in March next year, so lately I’ve been posting a lot of interesting wedding bits and bobs on my blog. Discovered this today and just had to share it! Wonder if Emma would still say “I Do” if I busted this out… haha! A capella + A wedding – That boring cliché wedding song + Nelly = Amazingness Gentleman’s Rule shows us what happens when everyone at a… Read more »

10 New Rules For Choosing Your Wedding Dress

So it’s time to choose your wedding dress? The latest trends have just come out at fashion week, and seems this is what you have to do now.

1. Wear part of your dress around your neck.

Something that will make it harder for your new spouse to mess up your makeup.

(This dress is by Vera Wang.)

Image by Peter Michael Dills / Getty Images (Vera Wang.) Image by Peter Michael Dills /… Read more »

This Might Be The Worst Marriage Proposal Ever!

I’m pretty sure if I had pulled something out of the bag like this my now fiancé would have said no, followed by a punch in the face! Luckily for this husband to be she saw the cute site and said yes! While my proposal didn’t have the same near death feeling she had, it did involve being on one knee!

Bad-Ass Roller Derby Bridal Shoot

Don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to cross this bride in the aisle! Found these photos from a fellow wedding photographer recently while looking for wedding photography inspiration. When it came time to do a bridal shoot, roller derby athlete Pinky La Pain chose to incorporate her longtime passion as a member of the Greensboro Roller Derby League. Source: frayededgeconcepts.files.wordpress.com  /  via: frayededgeconcepts.wordpress.com

Wedding photographers in Wellington

There are so many wedding photographers based in Wellington, it’s hard to know where to start. I have a keen interest to see how wellington photographers market themselves, in a industry that is swamped  There’s various methods of marketing and advertising for wedding photographers, for me the best method has always been word of mouth. Do an amazing job every time, and my happy customers are always sure to recommend. I’ve never spent a cent on advertising,… Read more »

$1000 Giveaway & Monthly Update

Wow. Hasn’t 2011 flown by? We’re heading into June next week, and then it’s pretty much the downhill slope of the year! This blog is just a quick update about a few things happening in my world at the moment.

$1000 Wedding Giveaway

We decided to be generous, and just casually give away $1000… Why? Why not! It’s very easy to win, all you have to do is send in a photo of you… Read more »

Shannon & Ben’s Wedding

Last weekend I had the privilege of being the photographer for Shannon & Ben’s wedding at the luxurious Brackenridge Resort. It was an honour being their photographer and providing them some amazing photos for them to remember their special day. Please have a look at my portfolio for a huge selection of the photos from their big day. I am using this wedding as a good opportunity to portray the depth of coverage that… Read more »